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The Monster Protection Kit is now: Fairy in the Bottle Bedtime Kit

The Products

Fairy in the Bottle is much more than a magical night light. It’s an entire kit that has everything you’ll need to create a fun and soothing bedtime routine for your child.

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How It Works

Fairy Spray

Help your child spray the magic potion around the room to invite his or her personal fairy to visit overnight.

Bedtime Story

Choose and share a bedtime story with your child. Now it’s time for sleep! Your child will rest happily and have sweet dreams. 

Night light

Put the bottle on the night light base, then turn it on to fill the room with soft, reassuring light.

The Benefits

Fairy in the Bottle combines proven parenting techniques with imaginative storytelling and interactive play to help your child look forward to bedtime, and get the important sleep they need.

Sleep Tight

The proven, interactive nightly routine will capture your child’s imagination, and help them to sleep happily and well the whole night through.

Live Happily

Your child will wake refreshed with a positive outlook and enhanced self-confidence.

Better Bedtimes

Your fairy kit is perfect for every evening and ideal for those times when your child resists going to sleep – or when they have anxiety at night. You’ll experience better bedtimes for the entire family.

Night Light

The changing light subtly casts a tranquil display on the bedroom walls and ceiling, providing a magical presence throughout the night.


The spray bottle features a fairy suspended in a mixture of lavender & essential oils.


The bottle is made of high quality plastic to survive playful times with even the most active preschooler.


The magic spray is a mix of aromatherapeutic oils to help calm little minds so they can drift off to sleep.

Great Gift

Fairy in the Bottle is a perfect gift and ideal for children ages 4-9.

Bedtime The Best Time

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When you purchase your Fairy in the Bottle Bedtime Kit, you’ll receive a link via email to our special Fairy Adoption Page, where your child can choose and name the fairy they want to call their own. You can even print out an official Fairy Adoption Certificate!

Yellow Fairy

Red Fairy

Blue Fairy

Green Fairy

Pink Fairy

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ONLY $29.95

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