Beginning around pre-school, children begin to develop abstract fears. These fears could be ghosts in the closet to monsters under the bed and more. When a child develops these fears, while it can be exhausting, it is something to celebrated as developmentally your child is working toward grasping abstract thinking. 

The psychology behind the abstract fears helps to begin explaining why suggesting a concrete approach such as looking under the bed or in the closet does not work to calm those fears before bedtime. 

However, providing an abstract approach will provide your child with a sense of control and power over their nighttime fears. This is where the Monster Protection Kit comes in to provide the solution to the abstract fear.

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Promotes Quality Time

Promotes Quality Time

The bedtime storybook included in The Monster Protection Kit helps you and your child to create a bedtime routine that is not only fun but developmentally beneficial for their imagination. 

Eliminates Fear

Eliminates Fear

The Monster Protection Kit works on the minds of little one’s by helping them to find an imaginative solution to their abstract fears which come from developing minds.

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The minds of your little one’s need more during their developmental stages. The Monster Protection Kit helps to calm their imaginations before bedtime to allow them to sleep peacefully throughout the night.


The Monster Protection Kit comes with everything your child will need to put their monsters to rest before bedtime each night. 

The hardback storybook of Kira, The Little Girl Who Was Afraid of Monster…. will help your child identify with her fear of monsters under the bed and develop their own sense of confidence as they use their own Monster Protection Spray (included in the kit) to keep their monsters away all night long!

The kit also includes a glow-in-the-dark base that is used to house their spray throughout the night. The coaster will help your child find their spray if a little monster pops up throughout the night. 

The Monster Protection travel bag makes overnight trips easier with enough space for their kit, pajamas and toothbrush so no matter where they go, they are confident!

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