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The Monster Protection Kit

Make bedtime fun again with The Monster Protection Kit. Your child will be excited for bedtime each night while you snuggle up together to read the story of Kira, the Little Girl Who Was Afraid of Monsters…. and her journey with her fairy friend to create the Monster Protection Spray!

Then watch as your child jumps up with confidence to spray away the monsters only little ones can see and the confidence that excites their room! Their glow-in-the-dark base will serve as the home for their spray to let them see their fairy on their nightstand all night long. 

included in

The kit

the monster protection book


Kira, The Little Girl Who Was Afraid of Monsters, is a sweet story of a little girl just like your child who was afraid of monsters at bedtime. 

Kira goes on an adventure with a fairy to make the magical potion found in the kit. This hardcover storybook helps your child build their own confidence and independence as they follow Kira through her journey.

The Monster Protection Spray

Monster Spray

The spray included in the kit just like the one Kira mentions in her story, are filled with relaxing light scents of lavender and tangerine to help promote calming effects before bedtime. 

The spray also includes your child’s very own fairy inside the bottle which each child should name to help make their experiences unique to them!

Coasters Side By Side

Glow in the dark base

The glow-in-the-dark base is an important part of the kit for your child. On their child friendly instruction card it states that their spray must be placed back on their glow in the dark base before bedtime in order to activate their potion. 

This will provide your child with an opportunity to enhance their skills of following directions and will ensure they know where to find their spray each night!

Monster Protection Kit Bag

Travel bag

The travel bag included in the kit will help your child take their confidence with them at bedtime any where they go! 

The travel bag is large enough to keep their entire kit, plus anything they will need for a weekend away from home. 

The bag includes a sneak peek into the ingredients in the magical spray from a hair from a lucky rabbit and more!

My daughter absolutely adores The Monster Protection Kit! She is 4 and she even sprays her little sister's room before bedtime. I can't thank the author enough!
Cheryl H.

The Monster Protection Kit

The Monster Protection Kit includes everything your child will need to solve their bedtime fears. Their monsters may not be real to you and I but for little imaginations these fears are a real as the nightlight. 

By providing your child with their very own Monster Protection Kit, you are on your way to helping your child conquer their bedtime fears. Your little ones will finally be able to get the rest their little minds need to take on each day with energy and excitement!

Boxed Kit Front

Make Bedtime Fun Again